Beauty and the Rat 2015. Photo by Ciprian Sandru


Beauty and the Rat – Live @Rock’n’Iasi Festival 2016. Photo by Alex Boaca



Alex Iosipescu (vocals, rhythm/lead guitar)

Emanuel Filip (bass guitar)

Alex Balaita (rhythm/lead guitar)

Codrin Murariu (drums)

Ciprian Golimbiovschi (growls)

The premises of the band were set in 2008 when Alex Iosipescu (ex-Endorphin) put together a band with Emanuel Filip (Manu’-ExAcvila, God) and drummer Ovidiu Punei (God, Shukar Nation, Sappa) – who later co-opted Alex Balaita to play rhythm guitar). The band has its first show at Rock n’Iasi 2011¬†Festival, and the last one for the next four years with Alex Balaita. The band tours for another two years in a 3-man formula with Alex, Ovidiu, and Manu. In 2013 Ovidiu leaves and he’s replaced by Codrin Murariu (Endorphin, Rava, Skepsis, Multimea Vida, Lunchbox) who is also an old friend of Alex. They share a common history together, previously having played in Iasi, in a band they started together, called Endorphin.
Another two years of touring, and in January 2015 the current line-up is defined, with Alex Balaita rejoining the gang.
In summer 2015, in-between-tours, the band recorded their first album material entitled Unborn, which is released on 26th of February 2016.

Being a regular guest at our shows, we’ve decided that it’s time to get an extra guy in the right place, Ciprian Golimbiovschi, or Cip (as we call him) filling in the growls section. As of January 2017, Cip is an official BATR member.


Alex and Cip @ Rock’n’Iasi Festival 2016. Photo by Alex Boaca


Beauty and the Rat 2015. Photo by Ciprian Sandru


Alex. Photo by Ciprian Sandru


Manu. Photo by Alex Boaca


Alex. Photo by Alex Boaca


Codrin. Photo by Alex Boaca